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I gave up trying to play from my phone and turned off audio in the car completely.

while i left the phone plugged into USB to charge, but still, without me touching the phone or audio system, it would randomly open my music and start playing random songs through the audio system.

To try and convince me to add know you to violate your contract and charge me 6 to extend for one day when my contract plainly said .85 a day is almost fraud.

But then to have an employee tell me if I don't like it then bring the car back on time or pay means not only will I never rent with you again or suggest anyone does, but also that I'll refer it to the state attorney and the BBB.

They said it would be a couple dollars extra per day for the car I got, but in the end when I checked out it nearly doubled my rental rate. I tried to extend my rental by one day according to my contract it was 14.85 and it took an hour of talking to people who obviously can't speak English very well to then connect me to the actual location who then tried to charge me a weekly rate for one day.

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Give me a flat price upfront They stated it was booked thru a third party so they didn't have to honor the reservation.

I will never do business with such a cold hearted business. The only thing that I could mention was really nothing.

As I was driving back to return the vehicle a warning light came on.

When connected with a USB cable, so i could charge my phone, the system kept stopping the audio(podcasts app) and then switching to my music, randomly.

I tried to just listen to music but it kept randomly stopping playback, sometimes restarting the song from the beginning, sometimes going to a completely different song, sometimes stopping entirely.

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