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International stock markets posted increases in dollar terms, despite the dollar strengthening against the currencies of some of its major trading partners.The gains in dollar-denominated asset values contributed to the year-over-year increase in assets managed by US investment companies.* The terms As measured by the MSCI All Country World Daily ex-US Gross Total Return Index.The US mutual fund and exchange-traded fund (ETF) markets—with combined assets of .9 trillion at year-end 2016—remained the largest in the world, accounting for 47 percent of the .4 trillion in regulated open-end fund assets worldwide (Figure 1.2).Money market funds also experienced net outflows of billion.Mutual fund shareholders reinvested 7 billion in income dividends and 3 billion in capital gains distributions that mutual funds paid out during the year.

Within equity funds, domestic funds (those that invest primarily in shares of US corporations) held 42 percent of total assets and world funds (those that invest significantly in shares of non-US corporations) accounted for 14 percent.

FIGURE 1.2 The United States Has the World’s Largest Regulated Open-End Fund Market Percentage of total net assets, year-end 2016 Download an Excel file of this data.

* This category includes ETFs—both registered and not registered under the Investment Company Act of 1940—that invest primarily in commodities, currencies, and futures.

FIGURE 1.3 Share of Household Financial Assets Held in Investment Companies Percentage of household financial assets; year-end, 1980–2016 Download an Excel file of this data.

Note: Household financial assets held in registered investment companies include household holdings of ETFs, closed-end funds, UITs, and mutual funds.

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