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The divergent ways that the two articles presented their subjects revealed some gender biases of the period.

Unmarried women were depicted as “depressed” or “frantic,” while single men were typed as “fixated on a mother figure,” inclined to “antiresponsibility,” or “latent homosexuals.” Men often failed to find the “perfect” woman; women frequently could not find even an “eligible” man.

Why do these men—more than one fourth of the males in the United States—choose to live alone?

(It is not a matter of a woman shortage, since unmarried women outnumber unmarried men by 3,412,000.) Psychologists, sociologists and other authorities who have studied this phenomenon have reached these major conclusions about the American bachelor: 1.

Many of the letters reflected the baffled loneliness of men and women who said they wished to marry, but found it difficult to meet potential husbands or wives.

A number of readers suggested this sequel—a report on America’s unmarried men.

Today in the United States, there are 18,022,000 men without women.

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