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He is likely to have seven more dolls next year because 'a friend of mine is moving abroad and needs someone to provide care for her dolls'.Li used to work as a biochemical inspector for the local centre for disease control and prevention.The same year, Li bought his first doll to deal with loneliness because his son was at school all the time. In an interview with Pear Video, the man said: 'Sometimes when I drive, I'd put her on the passenger's seat.I would feel like I have got a companion.'His son would snuggle up to the dolls on the back seat.The short version of the story is that I genuinely misunderstood the way my corporate credit card was to be used.I have been using it over the last few years regularly for personal reasons, including medical, car payments (a car is required for my job, but not covered under expenses), and general personal shopping.

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I had a bankruptcy a few years ago and cannot qualify for a loan to cover the full amount.

This just means I get charged Pay Pal fees for the cash advance, and it means nothing more is due until the next billing cycle.

This results in the next month having that balance plus charges, minus any and all money I can put toward it out of my pay (generally ,000 a month).

Otherwise, I could have bring Little Snow to take a set of beautiful snow-themed photos.'After Little Snow, Li carried on buying four more dolls to keep him company.

His son, Yang Yang, who had just been given his first doll, Xiao Ying, as a birthday gift said because of the dolls, his home is no longer quiet.

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