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And, of course, in keeping with the cat aesthetic, the whole place is filled with cat toys and cat-themed accessories.After all, there’s nothing better than drinking a cat-themed latte while sitting on a cat-themed pillow and playing with a cat-themed cat (also known as just a cat, some might say).DATE: 23 & 24 NOVEMBER 2017, 48000ks per pax incl 4Courses meal & drinks RESERVATION BY 17 NOVEMBER 2017 YOU WILL GET - FREE A GLASS OF HOUSE WINE OR - 5PAX ABOVE, FREE BOTTLE OF WINE FOR BOOK: 099 7199 3711, [email protected]! If you’re a big cat lover but can’t have your own furry little feline for whatever reason, you might want to head over to Freedom Café in Sanchaung, which has launched the country’s first cat café, or as they’re calling it, “Catpuchino Café”.

NOVEMBER PROMOTION * MORNING TEA TIME COFFEE & FRESH BAKED 2 FRENCH PASTRIES 3700KS Mon to Sun 10am to am * FREE HAM PLATTER FOR WINE BOTTLE - Daily * PORK CHOP OR LAMB CHOP - FREE GLASS OF WINE OR BEER Thu & Fri 7pm to 9pm * GLASS OF HOUSE WINE 3000ks - Mon & Tue 4pm to 7pm * BUY ONE GET ONE FREE COCKTAIL - Wed 4pm to 7pm 2.The copyright holder may sue for compensation cost from 0 to 0,000 or one year in jail.Cafe del Se OUL is a Casual Fine dining/European Cuisine restaurant.Judging by the photos, there will be cats of all (or at least, a wide range of) ages, colors, sizes, and breeds present.There even seems to be a hairless cat for those who are allergic to fur!

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