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Advertising campaign was designed and executed by photographer Craig Mc Dean, and advertising face is Brazilian model Isabeli Fontana, who posed on Californian beaches for this campaign. We hit the beach at 10am, he smothers me in Hawaiian Tropic factor 2, and we leave the beach at sunset. Best thing about this is that it doesn't start off strong or sharp like most perfumes. Edit: after the coconut is gone it smells very woody one me. Opens with a blast of pepper that is quite thrilling.

The fragrance arrives on the market in August 2011. Im not sure if I like it as much now * These are my personal experiences/thoughts with this fragrance. * Initial - pepper coconut orange bergamot Drydown - sandalwood vanilla coconut musk Duration - 6-7 hours Projection - soft My Experiences - This perfume is so aptly named. On drydown this is a subtle, but delicious woody musk fragrance.

The soft and spicy sweetness feels like a warm blanket to me.

I really want to leave it for a hot summer night though but I can't help but to want to smell it all the time at the moment. I used to be a safe Tommy Girl/Yves Rocher Naturelle/Joop!

After a while I realize that its a fragrance that I would rather smell in my house or on my clothes.

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But this is lovely...subtle, graceful, coconut-infused deliciousness.It doesn't smell like "me." I am a sandalwood lover though and I can appreciate how this fragrance uses that note to the fullest in a feminine perfume, without hiding behind any florals. I like it best in the summertime - it really smells gorgeous and full in the hot weather.In the winter it smells very thin and woodsy to me (a bit like pencil shavings).But I'm wearing this again for the first time in months on a crisp September day in London and it is beautiful. The silage does not compare with Crystal Noir but CN is too sharp and the gardenia turns very soapy on me. Like I said, I wish it projected better but it's a beautiful comfort scent that's perfect for summer, if I want heavier there is always Sensuous or Sensuous Noir ;) This coconut concoction is a summer must from my collection. But if you are into creamy, warm, clean, sweet, soapy, spicy and skin-like scents without that auntie floral-floral vibe - hell yes!The initial stage is fresh citrus-vanilla with a lovely dry down of subtle Gourmand coconut and cosy sandalwood. This is a tropical fragrance without being sugary Escada version of the tropic but a bit more mature vision. I love coconut, but I become wary when it is used in fragrances.

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