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Rogers’s glamorous demeanour made her an instant favourite for glossy magazines, but when Vanity Fair wanted to photograph her in Oscar de la Renta gear, press secretary Robert Gibbs had to put his foot down.A wall of silence has gone up around her role in deciding that someone from her office would not be posted alongside the Secret Service for the dinner in honour of the Indian PM.A native of Delaware, the 42-year-old spent much of 2009 on a book chronicling the campaign but as the mid-terms approach he is expected to play a larger role advising frontline candidates, the Democratic National Committee - or both.He stays in regular contact with the president and is likely to run his re-election campaign.The Oasis Active signup takes just 30 seconds and you're on your way!Like all dating sites, and particularly the free ones, Oasis Active has its share of dodgy members.Boasting over 300 000 new members each month, Oasis offers plenty of choice and is 100% FREE!

Recently, Dowd – who combines shoe-leather reporting and interviewing with her sharp-edged observation and whimsy – scored an interview with Janet “the system worked” Napolitano. DESIREE ROGERS (not on the 2007 list) White House Social Secretary The former utility executive, chairman of the Illinois Lottery and close friend of the first couple seemed to have won the jackpot when she was given the job of social secretary and a remit to open the doors of the White House to the people.

HOWARD DEAN (84 on the 2007 list) Former chairman, Democratic National Committee The stand bearer of the the “netroots” online activists, who appeared set to propel Dean to the Democratic nomination in 2004.

The former Vermont governor's hopes were dashed after a loss to John Kerry in Iowa and his famous “scream”.

The major lapse in security that allowed two Virginia socialites to breeze into a first state dinner showed that the door had been left rather too wide open.

Even before that (and the further revelations of a third gatecrasher), the 50-year-old divorcee had attracted far more publicity than is normal for social secretaries, who are supposed to be neither seen nor heard.

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