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Trevor Wilson, who has performed stand-up comedy all over Canada. He’s a very, very funny guy,” Barry Taylor says of Wilson.“We’ve gone out east on two east coast tours and he destroys out there.TREM2 is a signaling protein that is found on the surface of immune cells in the brain.Mutations causing Alzheimer’s and Nasu-Hakola disease result in the production of mutant TREM2 proteins that differ from the normal protein by only a single amino acid.

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In contrast, mutations associated with Alzheimer’s disease make it harder for TREM2 to bind to molecules known as glycosaminoglycans.

How about a feature called, with tongue firmly in cheek, the Awsome Lyric Challenge which gets you stuff, like “Our love is like water, pinned down and abused for being strange.” Or maybe you’ve tuned in to the radio to hear Megaphone Man, which sounds suspiciously like a radio dj speaking through a megaphone.

All these comedy bits are creations of Hamilton-born Barry Taylor, who has worked for major radio stations such as 102.1 the Edge, and now, y108.

It was only natural for Barry to incorporate comedy into his radio show. That’s why I went to the Edge, because at the time it was not a mainstream station; it was somewhere where they allowed announcers to have creative freedom.” Barry has since been able to find what makes him passionate, and it has taken him out of the booth and onto the stage.

He has progressed from writing radio bits to stand-up bits. It’s very addicting – stand up comedy – to get those immediate reactions.” He insists that stand-up comedy, despite having an enormous potential for rejection, can be an amazing experience. It’s worth it.” “There aren’t many outlets for stand-up comedy in Canada, which is weird because Canada’s known for hockey and comedy,” Barry remarks.

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