Patient dating their doctor

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She then asked me if I was interested in having a relationship with her.

I told her that I had no interest in her or in any of my patients outside of the professional doctor-patient relationship.

I then sent the patient a letter formalizing the transfer of her care to one of my female partners.

The following week I received dried flowers, a package of homemade cookies and a card. The patient asked if a referral to my partner meant that we could interact socially.

As a result, subsequent treatment may be compromised.

In addition, a large body of literature suggests that when physicians become intimate with their patients, the patients often suffer significant and lasting emotional harm.

A 44-year-old woman who was new to my clinic presented for a routine annual checkup with breast and pelvic examinations.

As usual, I performed the examination with my female medical assistant present.

Because of this disparity, patients might be exploited by their physicians.

I then told her that I was uncomfortable with her personal interest in me and that I thought it would be best if she saw one of my female partners in the future.

The following day, the patient sent a bouquet of flowers and a card to me at my office.

It seems apparent that many of these new doctors feel that they have not previously been provided with information on how to successfully navigate these uncharted waters.

The preclusion against becoming socially intimate with patients stems from two basic assumptions.

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