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Many of its 16 interviews are with internationally-known academics such as Prof John Lennox from the University of Oxford, Prof Simon Conway-Morris of Burgess Shale fame and Prof Michael Ruse, philosopher of biology at Florida State University.

The interviews are presented by John Dickson, senior minister at St Andrew’s Church, Roseville (Sydney Anglican Diocese), Greg Clarke, CEO of the Bible Society Australia and Simon Smart, head of research and communications at the Centre for Public Christianity, Australia.

In the second interview, presenter John Dickson asked David Cohen, “How old is the earth?

” Cohen, who is Head of the School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of New South Wales replied, “The earth is about 6 billion years old and in Australia we’ve got some of the oldest rocks, just over 4 billion years.” I replayed that section several times to make sure that I heard it correctly. Perhaps Cohen had a slip of the tongue and intended to say .6 billion years, which is the ‘age’ that secular scientists have been saying now for over 50 years.

I was just as surprised when Cowen later quoted the same number again, speaking of “an earth that is 6 billion rather than 6,000 years old”.

There is the secular atheistic worldview, which is gradually eradicating all competition and dominating the public arena.

But in a world billions of years old we have fossils, disease and death stretching millions of years before Adam and Eve’s sin. In a world where disease, suffering and death have been around for millions of years these evils become the fault of the Maker. Evolution over millions of years has man emerging from a population of ape-like ancestors a million (or so) years ago.

Skeptics like to mock that death, extinction and disease mean that God is incompetent or weak or malevolent. We are just modified animals without any intrinsic reason to protect the weak and vulnerable.

is a DVD where, according to its jacket, “great minds explore Christianity in an age of science”.

It presents interviews with scientists, philosophers and historians on the issue of science and the Bible, creation, evolution and the age of the earth.

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