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I changed it because Wiggins didn't sound like a singer's name and Saadiq meant 'man of his word' in Arabic. Steve is the holy grail to music for me and everyone speaks his language. I get the reward when the song is done and I hear it back on the speakers. I'm always trying to be grateful and attempting to be consistent.Just to be around someone who is that great is amazing. It's great to be recognised by the Academy - it's a great Academy - but I just love music. The reward is when you make the music, not when you get the medal. When you love what you do, it pays off, and that's the best reward you could have.R: I didn't really want to be a singer, I just wanted to be a musician really, but I was pushed into the singing thing.

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Plus, aside from having an awesome voice and playing a mean guitar, he’s behind some of my favorite R&B/soul/neo-soul joints over the years.With the rockier sound, I spoke to myself about it in the middle of the record.I was being more aggressive so I decided to make the rest of the record that way. It’s easy to work with her because she’s so fast and efficient. We like to keep things a little different when we work together, bringing her orchestral background and my background, which is different. Solange did a lot of work on it before she even came to see me and asked me to be a part of it. She can hear anything, she can play anything, she can do anything. We just think about what kind of instrumentation we want to use.

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