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The lapsed Catholic began attending church services again and started to feel a sense of calm that she'd never felt."I'd been in such survival mode for so long that I hadn’t given myself time to heal," she says. I learned to stop trying to control everything and allow God to do His will.

Gone is the icy armor that she admits she used as protection from the slings and arrows of a two-decade-plus show business career that has seen its share of up and downs. To have your people not embrace you, hurts." Still, there was suspicion when Givens began dating "Iron" Mike Tyson in early 1987. We can go through a lot of women who are married to men and they don't make as much as the men do. “When you love someone who can also do you harm, it’s confusing.” In retrospect, she says she would have changed some things about the interview, but she still doesn’t regret that she did it. Two days after the interview with Walters, police were summoned to their home, where an explosive Tyson began throwing furniture out the window, while Givens, her mother, her sister and a family friend cowered in the laundry room.More than a decade ago, her agents had told her she was hot. Several publishers wanted Givens's story, which ultimately went to Miramax for an undisclosed sum, although insiders suggest that it had to be significant based upon its 150,000 first printing.The title, , is not just about her renewed faith, but is an homage to her grandmother Grace Turner, a fearless matriarch who walked away from an abusive marriage and headed to New York to make a new life for her daughters Peggy and Givens's mother, Ruth.Again, Givens made headlines, but insists that she had nothing to do with the ouster of TV personality Mother Love, the older Black woman who had created the show. She was 36 with two sons, and her phone wasn't ringing off the hook.Instead of allowing fear to overtake her, she started to lean on her faith in God.

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