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Skin types 5-7 are predominantly dark Asians and Africans, who have a very low cancer risk and rarely burn (black skin naturally contains the equivalent of SPF 10 against UV exposure).In between are skin types 3 and 4 with a moderate to low cancer risk, encompassing the vast majority of Europeans, Mediterraneans and paler-skinned Asians.Professor Nicholas Lowe, consultant dermatologist and co-author of 'Skin Secrets' says, 'People with skin types 1 and 2 should always use a minimum SPF of 30 with a 4 star UVA rating during the summer.If your skin type is 3 or 4 and you're worried about developing wrinkles and sunspots, you should use an SPF 30 with 4 stars and if not, an SPF 15 with 4 stars.People with dark skin (types 5-7) should use an SPF 15 with 4 stars if they're worried about skin ageing; if not it would be alright to go out unprotected.'The sun's rays are strongest at the equator, and UV radiation also increases with altitude - a 4 per cent increase with every 1,000 feet you ascend, which is why you should be especially careful to protect your skin when skiing and climbing.

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The team will put people with Scottish accents together with those with English accents, and use eye-tracking technology to check their reactions to one another (stock image)The researchers believe that their researchers could offer a wide range of implications.

Dr Kamide told Mail Online: 'First, our online survey has produced a good picture of the current usage of Scottish words in the current Scottish communities with a very large number of participants.'We hope it would help wider audiences to provide better services related to the Scottish languages.'Second, our research would show how plastic our brain is with respect to processing language.

He said: 'I did notice that I was feeling incredibly hot on the Saturday but I just put this down to me cutting the grass.'I first realised the severity of it on the Sunday night when I got home from work, as it had blistered up massively.'The areas worst affected are my neck and shoulders and as I am incredibly fair skinned I do find myself quite sensitive to the sun.'My mum and dad were shocked as they couldn't believe how it had turned out, they have been brand new in helping me out as I have been stuck in bed since.'I have been to the local pharmacy who advised me to keep using Sudocrem and Aloe Vera spray, although I have started to use natural yogurt to treat it as a lot of people online recommended this and I'm already seeing a difference.'It is incredibly painful, especially for basic things such as moving my arms and lying down.

I've been trying to sleep on my front but not having much luck.'My warning to others would be don't be naive.

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