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I was excited And he knew it, I think The answer was affirmative For all who have emailed me Not only did I get a "yes"But an offer to bring the dvd I believe that this weekend Will be good for him and II don't think there's an issue With either being shy This poem's sucking ass so far Tonight I'm just not in the mood Perhaps if he was online I'd be writing in the nude Shall I tell you of a dream I dream throughout the day?Or should I keep it to myself And show him one fine day?Oh the sting of rejection Cuts into me like a knife My heart has never known of This wrenching pain and strife My words were not convincing Although they were sincere I'll raise up from my knees And look for a fishing partner here Away from the alligators And the slippery river bank Far away from the dream that I watched as it sank Since my glowing flesh Wasn't near enough to entice I wonder if there's anyone who Would f*ck me on the ice Was it the offer of my a$$? These questions will ever linger And devour my very soul As you walk along the river From this day until the end Know that across the miles You'll forever have a friend Comfort I'll seek with another But in my heart you'll have a place And if I've ever in an ice hut These poems I'll not disgrace And now I wonder as I write Who will be the first to send An email offering a fishing trip And promise pleasure not to end It's funny how, when horny I can write a poem about a fish And turn it into a story about How I want to be the dish Perhaps it's because of an offer Received on another thread That I can't stop thoughts of cunniligus And those of giving head Whatever the reason may be And whether in a fishing hut or not I hope that my glowing skin Soon gets somebody hot Hot enough to come here And stick their rod in me After they have paid their dues By eating my wet p*ssy Keep some ice on hand my friend You might need it one day soon Because I know that you'll want details If someone makes my p*ssy swoon Rory is a wise one And so kind to point out That I was the better choice Over any bass or trout Master Baiter's what you think you are But you ain't seen nothin' yet Just wait until I tell you Of the one who makes me wet*LMAO ...this is fun Making you p*ss is not my goal I'm merely here for fun We all know what has happened When you p*ssed in the afternoon sun Please do hold it in, my friend I do not wish you harm I hope not for an a$$ of bass Caused by my written charm Enough that I have made you fall Once upon the river bank I fear that the fish are waiting And not inside a tank Please don't p*ss in your pants The smell I cannot bare The shining sun will bake it in And the fish will know you're there Jumping up to trip you Looking for your a$$The rectal surgeon will get rich From withdrawing bass The words of insatiable Mommy Are proving alive and yummy.

The humidity on this beach Causes 'bators to extend their reach And reel in white foaming beauties Instead of those beached placid cuties. was more of a squeeland the shock of an eel..though I can cook I prefer to eat if I dip I cover my hipcause the dogfish all keep butt sniffing!I feel that I should say apologize The guilt is eating at my inner core I know that you've been wondering And I should've revealed myself before I know the real reason that You fell upon that river bank And when that fish went up your a$$I must say that my heart sank Yes, I saw you fall, my friend And I watched as you pulled the tail From the screams I heard I could tell That the bass felt like a whale'Twas me ....Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.The OP has said this is the first time the boyfriend has asked her for a favor, and is adamant about making sure it never happens again and is demanding repayment in the form of dinner.

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