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And it is not forgotten Typical homo-sovieticus response!

They expect everyone else but themselves to clean after their own yard...

Bike road in 4.5 km long tunnel (that's one of options) ???

that would be creepy We really are thinking how to squeeze three lines of cars there in each direction - but adding bikes on sides (even with two lines) would be really dangerous.

I would like finally to get a ride in Purvciems, Plavnieki, Ziepniekkalns using trams, these three lines were planned to be built long time ago.Why not purchase trams where we could board our bikes and build loads of bike ways? but the terminals will then be rebuild @nomels - I don't know about bike plan for Riga.Check this out @gatis If I understood corectly and the pic you shoved has the tramline in it then it will be the red line I drew? Sorry that I have not elaborated it, pushed through City Council, purchased the land from private owners (main obstacle) and attracted financing for construction.Railway is considering this and we can expect first purchases of such trains in 2009.- - - Riga Central Railway Station for the second time has announced tender on sheltered entrance hall above rails - first time they failed.

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