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In contrast, reptiles that had frequent and large-sized clutches tended to have short lives.

But species with large eggs, compared to their size, tended to have long lives, likely because reptiles lay fewer eggs if the eggs are large than if they are small, Pincheira-Donoso said.

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Herbivorous animals probably ate less protein- and nutrient-rich food, leading them to reach maturity later in life and live longer, the researchers said.

"The study revealed that reptiles [that] sexually mature at a younger age will likely have shorter lives, while those who prefer to delay sexual maturity will probably live longer." [Album: Bizarre Frogs, Lizards and Salamanders] Small herbivorous and omnivorous reptiles also lived longer than similarly sized carnivorous reptiles, the researchers found.

"Vegetal food is an intrinsically low-nutrition food, so we think that those who have these diets experience a reduction in reproductive rates, which in turn increases their lifespan," Pincheira-Donoso said.

The research, based in the US, asked 129 women aged between 20 and 50 about their love lives, and blood tests were then carried out on all the participants for further examination.

The tests focused on telomeres, which are the protective caps found on the end of DNA which can predict a person’s biological age.

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