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From so many years of working with past lives, it is my understanding that we, as pure souls/energy, get together before each lifetime and kind of plan out how we are going to meet each other.We set up “flags” for ourselves, so that we recognize the significance of the meeting.Just the memory of them can make my breath change tempo.As soon as we immediately, easily and mutually rotated into one specific and unusual sexual position, we looked at each other in exposed recognition, “Having you right here, right like this, is all I have been able to think about since I met you yesterday.” I could only agree. This was a man for whom I had no attraction whatsoever until I looked into his eyes. When our eyes met each time, however, I fell in love all over again.The ones that are heart breaking, though, are the ones where timing is an issue.We meet them as planned, we experience the flag and know it is important, but we have made past decisions that prevent us from being lovers. Or it can be like two freight trains colliding head-on. I have met and loved several soul mates—in many different forms and relationships. One was only in my life for a week or so, before vanishing back into the universe again, exiting my stage to step onto another one somewhere else.

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We did, indeed, it turned out, only have a few days. This time we truly were complete at the end of our time together.

They feel so familiar, like family, like instant friends.

We can play just about any role for each other too: friend, lover, child, grandchild.

We don’t necessarily have any big lessons for each other.

We just want to give each other the gift of resting into a nice, easy, calm relationship.

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