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When I reviewed the barn door tape towards the end of the recording were some strange, unidentifiable metallic sounds followed by a clear, funny- sounding voice saying, "Get down".Later, I reviewed this tape with a friend of mine, who then dashed to his room, produced an old flintlock rifle and ran the ramrod down the barrel a few times for me to hear it.Well, nothing too remarkable happened until we got up near the barn.

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That caught my attention enough to come back for a more formal investigation.

In another version of this story, the boy was handicapped (either physically or mentally), and because of this, he was locked inside and later died there.

Stories vary as to whether he was locked in by his caretakers because they wanted to abandon him and/or they were no longer able to care for him.lived around Riverside Cemetery when I was a kid and used to play there before they built I-71.

According to Vicki Blum Vigil, author of Cleveland Cemeteries, one particularly strange story about the chapel involves a funeral director whose young son died in the 1930's.

The father was so overcome with grief that he could not bring himself to bury his son.

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