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The only reason I stopped working for them was because I wanted to be paid more than 5p per text and I'm reliably informed that some companies do pay more than this, the problem is finding them! thanx xx hi i dont work for text 121 but i know that you text through your computer although they think you are using your mobile, as it goes through to them like a text. i guess it would be possible to send 6000 like you asked, if you are prepared to put in the hours, the only thing i found was that after doing 2 hours a night that was more then enough hehe, i guess though if you could do an hour in the morning too or something, it would really boost your income.lol Susan x well i had no problems with working for sms friends.......until last week, my internet went down and i couldnt get on for an hour, i was due to start my shift and was late by an hour when i tryed to log in i couldnt,they had froze me out! i was only doing it for a bit of extra pocket money so 15 hours a week was all i did and that brought me in around 200.00, but this wasnt constant texting, some of the shifts i worked i only did 3 or 4 messages, and others i did 40 or 50, so it really did vary.from what i know of the companies that are being discussed on here, its sexual chat.some isnt, some are just lonely but yes you have to be prepared to talk explicits with them, some companies have limits, others can be very graphic.2000 texts gives you 100 so who wouldnt want to reach that mark anyway. there is always work day and night, always good busy times to earn and i have been here a year in may, no problems, friendly team, god communication and good easy and quick way to get money.

I thought id be on the computer 24/7 but im not i do it when ive got spare time.

its fun and friendly, im here if you want to know more.

im a text chat worker for 2 companys, and i have had no problems whatsoever,i really enjoy it and it means i can earn sum extra cash while still being at home and i do it when the kids are at school or in bed im a text chat worker for 2 companys, and i have had no problems whatsoever,i really enjoy it and it means i can earn sum extra cash while still being at home and i do it when the kids are at school or in bed I've worked for 121 in the past too and never had any trouble getting paid.

Ok so been trying to get a job for ages with no luck was told about text chat opraters from home, set own hours ect how much u earn depends on how many texts you reply to..

So anyone no if your able to do this also is it legal?

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