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For those who DO believe in the reality of global warming, it is even more unsettling, as we may be setting all kinds of "positive feedbacks" in motion, such as methane release from the arctic which can bring an enormous amount of extra greenhouse gas into the atmosphere compared to which our industrial emissions over the last century seem paltry.If journalists ever said that you owed it to your children to watch Al Gore's movie, I'd say you owe it to your children (and quite likely and frighteningly, yourself) to read this book and give copies to your friends, company management and elected representatives. The book has some minor inconveniences (for example, distributing various tips for better living throughout multiple chapters instead of having one checklist) and the website where the authors promise to post their updates does not seem to be functional.The problem appears to be that most authors are over-involved in particular areas of research, and have not seen the broadest view of the problem.Also, the available information is changing rapidly.But as a practicing scientist myself I would tend to say that this book is about as iron-clad as possible as to scientific research on climate change.If you have a sceptic in the family, or yourself have some scepticism because some data seem(ed) to contradict global warming (for example, CO2-levels rising AFTER rising temperatures in ice cores), this is THE book to find consistent explanations for the complex bundle of data and the most recent science possible.

Therefore, while this book is useful as another analysis urging action, new work needs to be done to demonstrate clearly to people such as the author of the previous review that the situation is truly urgent, and that calls for immediate action to cool the planet are anything but alarmist.I have done extensive research myself over the past six years, and had already concluded that the problem was more grave than generally known.My suspicions were confirmed when recent research by Russian Scientists found that the Methane Hydrates on the Arctic Ocean floor are already melting and releasing large amounts of methane into the atmosphere.They explain how fossil fuels produce carbon dioxide, show how global warming is affecting individual species and changing entire ecosystems, predict how much more climate change we can afford before things become truly catastrophic, and consider economic and political solutions to the problem.They contend that we must rein in greenhouse gases in the next two decades if we want to leave a habitable planet for our grandchildren, and in order to do this, individuals must cut down on carbon emissions and at the same time pressure their governments to do the same by adopting low-carbon technologies such as geothermal, wind, solar and nuclear power.

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