Trouble updating service pack 3

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Luckily, it was still a while before the train left."I don't see any other platforms around here," Pierce reported. It's gotta be around here somewhere..."Carrie's eyes narrowed when she spied a young redhead girl crying pitifully, following a group of other redheads who were probably related to her, dragging along trunks that looked just like Harry's. I think they might be wizards."Harry saw who she was looking at and nodded.They walked up to the group of redheads."Excuse me," Carrie asked the little girl as gently as she could. " One of the redheads asked indigently."Oh, I'm sorry, George." His mother said, patting him on the shoulder. It's Ron's first year, too." With that, Percy and Ron ran through the wall as well.Checking the "current version" for the Dell OS Driver Pack, it says "" with date "2014-12-09"; when I check the support page by service tag, it's the latest available to me.I tried updating via FTP and it failed to download, apparently it gets the catalog but it can't download the updates.Probably if I was able to install windows using the Lifecycle Controller properly in the way it was intended, I would now have all the drivers I need, but I couldn't find out how to do it.Thanks @joeqwerty for suggesting that I update the OS drivers, which led me to this partial solution. S.: after I did that, I realized that I was using a Win2008R2 without SP1.

Harry would bet that any pawn shop he went to would also be good for it.Harry Potter is a thief and a lawbreaker long before he gets his letter.Upon discovering he's a wizard, he sets out for the wizarding world - but he's doing things his way.The girl turned and looked up at her and Harry, deep brown eyes wide. The boy and his identical brother lined up in front of the wall. " With that, he ran through the wall and disappeared, his brother right behind him. You'd best be off." She turned and smiled in a friendly way at Harry. Carrie took a breath and said, "I guess this is as far as we go." She ran her fingers through Harry's hair just like she had when she had first met him. Watch where you step.""Have fun." Was Miranda's contribution."Make friends," Pierce said with a wink. He nodded towards her and his friends before running through the barrier.%&%&%&%&%&%&%&%&%&%&%&Harry watched the platform in amazement."We're looking for Platform Nine and Three Quarters, do you know where it is? Ginny smiled apologetically at Harry while her mother made an exasperated noise. There was a whole new platform on the other side of the wall, a scarlet red steam engine waiting for him with the sign hanging over it.

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