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I checked the file path and it seems the music is still in their folders however re importing it all wouldn't get the playlists back and on top of that the last back up I have was from 2014.

Can anyone help." Neil reported this problem on Apple Support Communities and searched for help. If you are not satisfied with the solution in the part 1 or you can’t get back your lost content on your i Tunes library by using the method above, there is one i OS content manager – Any Trans that you can use to restore i Tunes library from i Phone, i Pad and i Pod.

Also Read: How to Transfer i Tunes Library to i Phone Apple gives this solution to get back missing content from i Tunes library.

You should update your i Tunes to be the latest and then follow the below steps to fix this i Tunes library disappearing problem.

Right after i Tunes deletes your files, you'll see 256kbps copies in their place, and each file will have the little cloud icon next to it, showing it's stored in the cloud and ready for download.

From your playlist, highlight all of the new 256kbps copies of your files, right click, and choose Download.

Better yet, create another Smart Playlist with these three criteria: Location is i Cloud Location is not on this computer Media kind is music Then hit Command-A to highlight all songs in the playlist and right-click to download all of them.

Next, create a condition by clicking on the plus sign while pressing Option. Click OK and from the left panel, give your new playlist a name.

Step 2: Delete all files in your new playlist Take a deep breath, highlight all of the files in your new playlist, hit Option-Delete to delete all the files, and then choose Move to Trash.

I started i Tunes and found all of my 20,000 songs and playlists I have spent years developing are missing.

Could it be a problem with my hard drive or start up disc that is enabling i Tunes to locate the files?

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