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This scheme allows only one update per day, though, and that may not be enough.

Add another two digits to this number to indicate how many times the file has been updated that day.

This C Program Updates the Details of Employee using Files.

Here is source code of the C Program to Update Details of Employee using Files.

After creating your zone data files initially, it should be fairly apparent what you need to change when you add a new host.

We'll go through the steps here in case you weren't the one to set up those files or if you'd just like a checklist to follow.

If your name server is 4.9 or later, you can reload it just as you did for your primary master name server.

The reload induces the name server to refresh all of its slave zones.

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Failing to increment the serial number is the most common mistake made when updating a zone.

What do you do if the serial number on one of your zones accidentally becomes very large and you want to change it back to a more reasonable value?

There is a way that works with all versions of BIND, a way that works with Version 4.8.1 and later, and one that works with 4.9 and later.

The first number for January 15, 1997 would then be 1997011500.

The next modification that day would change the serial number to 1997011501. It also has the advantage of leaving you an indication in the zone data file of when you last incremented the serial number.

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