Updating subforms

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Here we are showing an example that uses the On Current event of the main form, and the After Update event of a checkbox on the main form to show or hide the subform, dependant on whether the checkbox is checked or not.

The example below shows how the subform is visible if the Active Member checkbox is checked: Main form displaying the Payments subform, if the Active Member checkbox is checked.

Subform is a CAD-inspired design tool focused on the unique constraints of UX/UI design.

It empowers designers to create responsive layouts, enforce consistent styles, build stateful components, and work with real content—all inside of a familiar, desktop-based visual design environment.

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Spend more of your time designing—instead of juggling multiple artboards and tediously propagating changes everywhere.So let’s redevelop our example above in a way that the owner sub-form is just a logical unit that shares the action with its parent form.Initially, the example does not look very different, except that we use want. We started with the recognition that there are many classes and policies surrounding subforms.The subform allows uploading a file and once the file is uploaded the image is shown as well as a “Delete”/”Clear” button.The sub-form will store the image in the session and when the main form is submitted it looks in the session for the image.

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