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Details about Multi-site employer section clause and Tax reporter changes delivered.In July 2008, the Pennsylvania legislature passed an Amendment to the Local Tax Enabling Act 511 of 1965, ("PA ACT 32"), which requires Pennsylvania employers to withhold Pennsylvania local income taxes beginning January 1, 2012 (for residents and non-residents).This page will help to customize the Act 32 and clarify some points about this new requirement.The Pennsylvania ACT 32 is a legal requirement that will start in 2012, expect for the early adopters.Note that the Category Name is read only and is displayed based on the Category ID selected by the user in Category ID field.

Select a Product ID from complex table search and update unit price as shown.

Follow the steps 3 and 4 for all the remaining fields except ‘Unit Price’ since we are allowing the user only to update unit price field based on the selected Product ID.

The remaining fields are displayed on the screen in read only mode based on the Product ID selected by the user.2.

The only requirement is that the employer must have more than one work location in more than one TCD.

The multi-site rule would have no affect on the amount of tax collected only on the location the tax is remitted.

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