Upmarket speed dating

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Attendees can move to new tables every l8 minutes until pm.If you still have not spoken to an editor or agent during or after this session, try to meet them on Sunday or write to them after the conference.“People do end up on those sites looking for relationships, and we see that as our challenge,” says e Harmony CEO Grant Langston.

Then all nine attendees will move to another table and meet another Publishing Pro.

You may also use your three minutes to ask about whatever you need to know and start a relationship with them.

(Also, if an agent wants to see your work or spend more time with you, you may be able to meet on Saturday or Sunday.) When the first bell rings, stop talking and let the agent speak.

The tables will be arranged alphabetically, around the circumference of the room.

Get in the line forming in front of the agent you want to see.

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