Validating and improving test case effectiveness datinghut ru

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Unfortunately, it is difficult to comprehensively determine whether a validation is ''sufficient," since (as discussed in Chapter 5) there are a large variety of defense systems, types of simulations, and purposes and levels of system aggregation for which simulations might be used.

The defense community recognizes three types of simulations: live, virtual, and constructive.

The challenge is not how to perform a perfectly realistic test, since that is nearly always impossible, but, instead, how to perform a test in which the lack of realism is not a detriment to the evaluation of the system.

There are undoubtedly some characteristics of systems for which modeling is clearly feasible: for example, estimating how quickly a cargo plane can be unloaded or estimating the availability of systems based on failure and repair rates that can be measured in operational conditions.

Of course, developmental tests can be structured to incorporate various aspects of operational use; elsewhere in the report we recommend that this be done more frequently, and this will support simulations that are based on more relevant experience.

Great care is needed to ensure that the information provided by modeling and simulation is useful since the As the uses of simulation advance from training to test design to test evaluation, the demands on the validation of the simulation increase.

A live simulation is simply an operational test, with sensors used to identify which systems have been damaged by simulated firings, using real forces and real equipment. A virtual simulation ("hardware-in-the-loop") might test a complete system prototype with stimuli either produced by computer or otherwise artificially generated.

This sort of exercise is typical of a developmental test.

Since there are both effective and ineffective applications of modeling and simulation to (developmental and) operational testing, the key issues are how to identify the models and simulations that can be safely used to augment operational test experience; how to conduct model validation; and how the augmentation should be carried out.

Given the breadth of possible applications, only a few of these issues can be addressed here.

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