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However, Amie is passionate about her design choices and frequently makes expensive purchases on upgrades that are not budgeted, and often does so without informing Scott, which upsets him.Scott usually does not agree with Amie's belief that such upgrades help to sell a house.

Dealing with problems at both houses, Baldemar struggles to finish them on time for Scott.Throughout each episode, Scott, Amie, and others speak to the viewer through interview clips to provide information and opinions about each other and about the property featured in that episode.Regarding the show's origin, Scott Yancey said: "I'm from the Hollywood area originally, and I was talking with some buddies who are in the industry.I was telling them how I had to pull my Glock out on some homeless guys who came at me with needles in one of the houses that was all boarded up.They're like, 'Man, you need your own reality show.

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