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Rich men don’t usually like dating other rich men’s discarded goods, especially women with negative reputations.

He could be lying about his wealth If you have the looks and the stomach for unusual men, you still have to deal with the fact that many of the men who sign up with dating websites and matchmaking services, may not be wealthy.

If you’re lucky, you’ll meet one of those busy millionaires if you sign up at a “millionaires only” web dating service.

If you’re unlucky, you’ll end up with the wealthy men who can’t get dates any other way. If a wealthy man can’t get a date it’s usually because there is something wrong with him, which is why he ends up at dating web site.

Apparently his million wasn’t enough to entice her to stick around.

Even if the dating service claims to check out the background of the men who apply, IRS forms can be faked as well as bank statements and paychecks.

But these online matchmakers also know something that no one likes to talk about…that a man with money will eventually get a woman no matter what his faults are, as long as she knows he has money.

Which is why a dating website that advertises “millionaire bachelors” will always attract women, even if the guys are a bit flawed.

For others, their idea of a wealthy man is someone on the Forbes list of the wealthiest men in the world. You won’t be picked out of a line up of eager faces because of your personality. If a dating service is not for you, you’ll need an alternative method of finding a millionaire.If this is you, you are not likely to find him through a dating website. If you think you can tolerate anything as long as a man has money, a dating service advertising millionaire match-ups might be an option for you. Looking for ideas on the internet about where to find wealthy men, you’ll discover such suggestions as meeting a rich man by borrowing a pedigree dog and walking it in wealthy neighborhoods. After you spend a couple of days traversing up and down the street, the only thing you’re likely to get is arrested.Either the neighbors are going to report a strange woman canvassing the street day after day, or they’re going to assume you’re a hooker. You will discover too late that there will never be a good time for him to leave her. Remember, the more of your youthful years you give to a married man, the fewer years remain to find someone that is yours.Are you thinking that dating a rich man would be worth it, even if you eventually break up?

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