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Describing herself as an "acclaimed porn performer" and "sex-positive feminist," the Duke University student and aspiring lawyer made global headlines when she turned to porn at the age of 18 to pay for her education.I didn't qualify for any government loans, so I had the option of taking out private loans at the rate of 11% interest or simply paying out of pocket.Then there is another smaller sub-set of the Deep Web that consists of darknet markets, and sites about drugs, pornography, weapons, assassins, counterfeit and forgeries and hacking etc.This section is called the Dark Web There is also a large section of it for whistle blowers to come forward and expose people, organizations and governments for wrong doings. One thing is for sure though – you have to have a strong stomach if you want to browse.It is definitely not our intention to lead you on this path; but if you think you’ve got stomach…

There are many lists and directories that contain various Deep Web links and it is highly probable that many URLs from these lists are dead or broken, which is due to instability of the Deep Web in general – it’s an eternal target of the authorities. As you can see, a lot of the websites are illegal, or are selling something illegal, like drugs, guns, porn, counterfeits – IDs and currencies; even illegal services are also offered such as hacking, identity theft and assassinations. Using drugs is harmful to your health and can cause serious problems including death and imprisonment, and any treatment should not be undertaken without medical supervision.There are things there that once seen can’t be unseen… Just remember, you need Tor to access the links in this .onion link list and Tor alone is not as secure as you think.If you fall into the false sense of security and think you are safe from being tracked and monitored, then you are sadly mistaken.This is the way Tor protects you – by making you almost anonymous.Deep Web links are easy to recognize; they have 16 alpha-semi-numeric hashes ending with .onion, where .onion is not a domain, but a proxy server that redirects Tor Browser to a hidden internet address.

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