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They were not able to account for this finding based on their data, however.

While one explanation could be that women in this sample were higher on psychoticism and sadism (typically higher in men), in this sample men and women scored the same.

Interestingly, dysfunctional impulsivity predicted trolling only with higher levels of psychopathy, pointing to a possible interaction between the two factors, which are known to be related.

It is of note that women scored similarly to men on trolling behavior, the study authors note, because this has not typically been the case in prior research on social media.

This finding, if it proves out, may be because users of LBRTD apps have different characteristics than other social media users and/or because of the characteristics of LBRTDs.

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Each momentary scan of the other's profile becomes a micro relationship all in itself, a rollercoaster of emotions and thoughts. Even though traditional online dating sites remain more popular than LBRTD (location-based real-time dating, the technical term for services like Tinder, Grindr and Blendr), the use of LBRTD's is on the rise.Online dating always felt partly artificial, and transition from that to a "real" relationship sketchy.On social media platforms, especially with professional colleagues where we have a lot of common ground to begin with (and might meet "in the real world" at a conference or something), it's more likely to lead to something more enduring.LBRTD's are well-suited for finding just-in-time hook ups, though, and while that can work great for some folks, it can be challenging to find a real connection, and exposes people to various risks if they aren't being careful.One reader commented on a recent post the following painful first-hand account: Online dating is like looking through a garbage dump for the least broken, disgusting, dirty thing you can find.

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