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He was in many ways her opposite: born Sotir Papazoglos, he was raised by immigrants in a Greek enclave of Somerville.

He joined the Air Force in 1954 and later changed his name to Sam Bishop.

Opposite of the Modern Major General, who appears to have specialised incompetence. She was too focused on her little experiment to be alert to Tiff's shenanigans until way too late.

Bishop, a neurobiologist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, sat down at the conference table just moments before the faculty meeting began.

Judy was a gregarious woman with a curly blond mane and a raucous sense of humor; Sam was taciturn and burly, with an Old World reserve.

“I chased him until he caught me,” Judy liked to say.

Judy, whose maiden name was Sanborn, came from an old New England family in Exeter, New Hampshire, where her grandfather had owned a shoe factory.

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The front lawn is dominated by a giant copper beech whose knuckled branches are sturdy enough to support climbing children.It was three o’clock on February 12, 2010, and thirteen professors and staff members in the biology department had crowded into a windowless conference room on the third floor of the Shelby Center for Science and Technology.The department chair, a plant biologist named Gopi Podila, distributed a printed agenda.But Amy Bishop’s case was notable in that she did not fit the profile of a mass shooter: women very rarely commit such killings. An accomplished violinist in her youth, she had received a Ph. from Harvard, and had completed postdoctoral work at the Harvard School of Public Health. She had no criminal record and no history of substance abuse.After massacres involving gun violence, from Columbine High School, in 1999, to Sandy Hook Elementary School, in December, one of our national rituals is to search for some overlooked sign that the shooters were capable of such brutality.

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