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“Instead of encouraging the kids to visit and have a relationship with us, they’re doing the opposite,” she says.

“It makes me sad, but I don’t want to give up.” *Laura’s daughter-in-law lives 40 miles away, but she still has to jump through hoops to keep her happy because there’s a lot at stake: seeing her 9-year-old grandson.

After that we weren't allowed to have my grandson, when my son brought him over she threatened to take him away from my son because she didn't want him here.

My son works 2nd shift and takes his son after work at times, a few times he would call around 2am and want to come out because Nolan (my grandson) doesn't have a schedule and won't sleep at night, but come to find out he was sick, he was running a fever of 102.6 when he got here, couldn't breathe, he was so stuffed up he couldn't eat, coughing, I took care of him that night and woke my son up about 10 - the next morning to get him into the doctor.

She found out we plan on moving and want's us to move into the city closer to her, we plan on moving on the outskirts closer to my husbands work with some acreage, she didn't like it when I told her we wouldn't move into the city and really got upset with me.

“She talks badly about me behind my back and to my face, she won’t do any of the driving for visits and sends him with dirty clothes and asks me to give her money for her bills.” Laura has a loving relationship with her grandson, but his mother lies to him and says Laura doesn’t call.

*Sandy’s only grandson is 1 1/2 and she can count on one hand the amount of times she’s seen him.

“Our daughter-in-law is becoming more standoffish to us and controlling of our time with our grandson,” she says.

“I can barely read him a book without her standing over us, and one time she wouldn’t let me take a picture of my grandson at a restaurant.” Another common bully behavior is when DILs make snide comments in front of other family members—even the grandchildren and her mother—about her MIL, says Deanna Brann, Ph. “It’s making fun of her and belittling her as a grandparent and it takes away any credibility she has,” she says.

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