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His well-organized closets and drawers had not been disturbed, and there was no indication that the room had been entered in any forced manner.

of note, however, sheets and blankets had been stripped from the bed and removed from the room, although it couldn't be determined by whom or why.

Blood swabs, fingerprints, and hair samples were collected from the bathroom base-boards and floor.

Nothing in Travis's bedroom looked particularly out of place.

all three entered the house by using the keypad code at the garage.

Twenty-five years earlier, in one of Ma-ricopa County's most heinous crimes ever, a transient by the name of robert “Gypsy” Comer had murdered a man he had never met before at a campground near apache lake, then kidnapped a woman one campsite over and sexually assaulted her for twenty-four hours.

He had been sentenced to death, and he was executed by lethal injection in May 2007.

officers observed large 12 /JAn E VEl Ez-Mitch Ellamounts of blood beyond the shower as well, splattered around the floor, walls, and sink.

Police observed a large laceration to the man's throat, which appeared to cross from one ear to the other.a fairly hard-edged town with a violent crime rate above the na-tional average in pretty much every category, the city of Mesa had seen its share of disturbing deaths.

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