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Inheritance or beneficiary email scams involve lawyers receiving ‘requests’ where their own names are incorporated into the letter or message itself.

The bank has threatened to seize these abandoned personal assets; in line with existing laws.

On this note, I decided once more to look for a possible family member (regardless distant).

Radio is such a great medium because it’s all in the moment.

Best regards, Although the specific details may change (names, countries, monetary figures), keep in mind that legitimate estates do not solicit trustees or heirs by secret letter or email nor do they promise a percentage of the inheritance to carry out the transaction.

Remember that you must always confirm a prospective client’s identification in accordance with the Client ID Regulations of the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society.

If you decide to proceed with a transaction, be sure to go to the bank website to verify the branch transit number, address and phone number on the cheque.

The latest example appears below: I am Matt Lee, Sole executor of late Mr. Peter was a businessman who lived and died in the UK.

I have tried to find his extended relatives whom shall be suitor/inheritor to his abandoned personal funds and all such attempt has been to no advantage.

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